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Organization Support Model (Nextech) – include H/W & S/W

We provide after sales support that fix problem and technical consultation with quick response by product specialist.


Report incidents
Regardless of
H/W, SW, and OS


Smart Call Center

Machine Type
Serial number
Product no
Failure symptoms


Vendor Hot line

Hardware & Software Implementation


Nextech provides a complete solution for both hardware and software implementations. We are a partner of Comvault, Dell, HP, IBM and Lenovo for HW and SW implementation.

Moreover, we also are a partner of Microsoft, Oracle, Symentec, Veem and VMware to provide you more flexiblility of sofware implementation.

Project Management

We belive that all implementation project are important. Our project manager will closely take care and control timeline to make sure we deliver service on time.

Per Call Support

One time charge for occasionally support to any customer.

Maintenance Agreement

We provide service for maintenance agrement in system and sofware support to help our customer having the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our customer can have a good technical consult and quick solving problem.

Nextech provides the maintenance agreement both 5×9 and 7×24 for customer selection.

Presale Activities

System Analysis & Design

  1. SAP , HANA
  2. Oracle Business Suite
  3. Oracle / DB2 / Informix / SQL DBMS
  4. HW Sizing for J2EE Application
  5. High Availability Solution
  6. Backup Solution & Design
  7. File System Solution
  8. DRP Sizing & Design
  9. Migration Analysis & Design
  10. Server Consolidation Sizing & Design
  11. Improvement Infrastructure design for cost saving and performance improvement
  12. Performance Analysis & Design
  13. TCO Analysis & Design
  14. Technology Update

Technical Services

NexTech provides


quality service support at an international standard

Solve problems

solve problems with hardware, software, and systems

Helpdesk Service

With our Helpdesk Service, customers can get expert advice over the phone with  follow-up visits, if needed.

Maintenance service

Maintenance service to help keep your computer and related equipment in optimum operating condition with a minimum of downtime.

Fast, Reliable service

fast, reliable service with an expert team dedicated to responding to customer

Tools, Equipment

tools, equipment, or replacement parts, always fulfilling contractual commitments.

  1. Monitoring tools
  2. Sizing tools
  3. DB tools
  4. Test Machine with multiple OS
  5. Benchmark tools
  6. etc…


Customization Services

With a full awareness

With a full awareness of ITC technology’s continuing rapid evolution and the ever-increasing diversity and complexity, whether software and hardware


Understands what technology best fits a customer‘s requirements and knows the best timing for introducing new technological advances to help maintain competitiveness and to achieve optimum efficiencies.

Technical staff

Technical staff to implement, manage, and maintain new technologies

System & Infrastucture

System & Infrastucture Kick off


Migration Kick off

Proactive monitoring

Proactive monitoring

Project Mangement

    1. Time Control
    2. Project base maangement
    3. Risk Management





Project Management Services

We provides high quality of project management service with mutuality project manager:

  1. Preparation
    • Site Prep Information ( Weight , BTU , Size , ….. )
    • Pre-requisite Software
  2. Kick-Off Meeting
  3. Project Plan
  4. Hardware Setup & Installation ( HW Check List )
  5. System Setup & Installation ( Installation Check List )
  6. User Acceptant Test (UAT)
  7. System Document
  8. Standby on Implementation
  9. Resolved OS / H/W issues & Problems
  10. Standby during Cut-off