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Nextech Connect Co., Ltd., (NexTech) was established by a team of IT infrastructure experts with more than 20 years' experience working at a well-known IT company and specializing in IBM, LENOVO , HP, DELL , Oracle, Microsoft, Symantec, VEEAM and VMWare products.
Beginning operations on Year 2009 with registered and paid-up capital of 45 million baht, NexTech's are located on the 44 Soi Punnawithi 4 Nextech Tower, Sukhumvit 101 Road, Bangchak, Phrakanong, Bangkok 10260.
The commitment of the NexTech team is to apply their knowledge, expertise, and experience to responding to client needs in handling the increasing complexity of IT operations and in developing customer IT capabilities to the fullest extent. Applying a complete spectrum of hardware and software solutions, NexTech aims to constantly improve customer operating efficiency competitiveness by keeping pace with technological and technical advances in the IT field.
  • We seek to ensure our clients get the maximum value from their IT invesment.
NexTech represents and provides expert service support for the following product categories:


  • Dell
    • PowerEdge
    • FX Series
    • HCI vXRAIL
    • PowerStore X
  • HP
    • Server ProLiant
    • HCI Simplivity
    • Next Gen Data Security and Management – Cohesity
  • IBM
    • Super Scalar Power10 Entry/Midrange Model
  • Lenovo
    • ThinkSystem SR Server
    • Think Agile HCI VX, HX, MX

Database Appliance

  • Oracle ODA, Exadata
  • Oracle SuperCluster

Datawarehouse Appliance

  • IBM PureData (Netezza)

Enterprise Server

  • Super Scalar Power10 Enterprise Model

Firewall & Gateway

  • Fortinet, Fortigate
  • Checkpoint


  • Dell
  • HP / Aruba
  • Lenovo / Mellanox

PC & Notebook

  • Dell
  • HP
  • Lenovo

SAP HANA Appliance

  • Lenovo, HPE DELL

Storage & Tape

  • Dell
    • EMC Unity
    • EMC Datadomain
    • Dell PowerStorage
  • HP
    • Storage MSA, Alletra, Nimble, Primera
    • StoreOnce
  • IBM
    • Storage 5015, 5035, 5300, 7300, 9300
    • SAN Switches
    • Flash Storage
  • Lenovo
    • Storage DE, DM Series
    • SAN Switches


  • Application Middleware
    • HTTP Server
    • IBM Websphere
    • JBOSS (redhat)
  • Backup
    • BackupExec
    • IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM)
    • IBM Spectrum Protect Plus
    • NetBackup
    • Veeam Backup & Replicate
    • Nakivo
  • Collaborations
    • Micorsoft AD Server
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Microsoft M365
    • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Database
    • DB2
    • Informix
    • Oracle
    • Microsoft SQL
  • Hypervisor
    • Hyper-V
    • KVM
    • Oracle VM
    • PowerVM
    • VMWare
    • AHV
  • Monitoring
    • Veeam One
    • VMWare vRealize
  • OS
    • AIX
    • Linux RedHat
    • Linux SUSE
    • Microsoft Window
  • Replication & HA
    • Microsoft Cluster
    • IBM PowerHA
    • Redhat Cluster
    • SUSE Cluster
  • Security
    • Deep Security
    • Symantec Endpoint
    • TrendMicro Endpoint
    • Bitdefender Endpoint
  • Software Defined Storage
    • IBM Spectrum Accelerate
    • IBM Spectrum Scale
  • Virtual Desktop (VDI)
    • VMWare Horizon View
Technical Services

NexTech provides quality service support at an international standard to help you solve problems with hardware,
software, and systems. With our Helpdesk Service, customers can get expert advice over the phone with follow-up
visits, if needed. You can directly contact us at our e-mail address : service@nex-tech.co.th . We provide
Maintenance service to help keep your computer and related equipment in optimum operating condition with a
minimum of downtime.


NexTech ensures fast, reliable service with an expert team dedicated to responding to customer needs whether
system, personnel, tools, equipment, or replacement parts, always fulfilling contractual commitments.


Optimization Services

With a full awareness of ITC technology's continuing rapid evolution and the ever-increasing diversity and complexity,
whether software and hardware or networking and communications, NexTech understands what technology best fits
a customer's requirements and knows the best timing for introducing new technological advances to help maintain
competitiveness and to achieve optimum efficiencies.
You can directly contact us at our Service e-mail address : ess@nex-tech.co.th


NexTech has the technical staff to implement, manage, and maintain new technologies as their introduction becomes
feasible and appropriate. For a customer to train their own staff to the necessary levels of technical competence
represents a significant cost to the company in the time spent training and the resulting delayed implementation. In
addition, the company bears the risk that, after investing in the training of such people, they will leave the company.


NexTech can save all those costs and eliminate the risk. NexTech retains qualified staff, who are ready to service, by
challenging them with solving problems for customers, plus company policies of encouraging them to track
technological advances and of sending them for training by the principles NexTech represents.


We have formed these technicians into a work group that provides Optimization Services to help customers get the
maximum value from their investment in hardware and software, thereby, increasing efficiency and profitability.


Consulting Services

To help accelerate business growth, our seasoned, expert staff can assist with Hardware&Software vendor. Our team
can also help to implement, analysis, planning, and management practices in OS Environment (AIX , Linux REHAT ,
Linux SUSE , MS window2012 R2), Database Environment (Oracle, DB2, Informix , Exadata , MS SQL), Window
Environment (Microsoft Window, Mail System, AD, File Service) , Virtualization Environment (VMWARE , HYPER-V )
and Backup & DR Environment (VEEAM, Symantec BE & NBU , IBM Spectrum Protect , Comvault , DoubleTake)


NexTech staff can also provide professional advice on techniques and solutions that enhance efficiency.


  1. Satima Sucharitvanitwong          General Manager
  2. Vibul Srivijitchoke Presales          Enterprise Manager
  3. Tanatkit Sirimethiranan                Enterprise Solution Service Manager


Our philosophy and commitments to your customers

NexTech seeks to give customers full satisfaction by recommending high-quality products and providing excellent
service support at an international standard. NexTech further seeks to establish long-term relationships that foster
cooperation in a joint effort to help customers develop their capabilities and achieve high operating efficiency


Our commitment to excellence

NexTech aims to maintain excellence in performance through constant tracking of technological innovation, through
ongoing skill upgrading, and through study of progressive methods and approaches.


A commitment to quality products and services

NexTech has complete confidence in the quality of the products and services we provide. We seek to satisfy our
customers in every way possible by ensuring that what we offer yields the highest possible value. Along with our
before-, during- and after-sales service and on-time delivery, we respond promptly when customers need special

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