Was established by a team of IT infrastructure expert with more than 10 years experience working at a well-known IT company and specializing.


NEXTECH was established by a team of IT infrastructure expert with more than 10 years’ experience working at a well-know IT company and specializing in Comcault, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, Oracle, Symentec, Veeam and VMware Products.

Nextech Further seeks to establish long-term relationships that foster cooperation in a a joint effort to help customers develop thire capabilities and achieve high operating efficiency.


We seek to ensure our clients get the maximum value from their IT invesment.

Technology & Solutions


Hardware & Software Implementation

Nextech provides a complete solution for both hardware and software implementations. We are a partner of Comvault, Dell, HP, IBM and Lenovo for HW and SW implementation.

Moreover, we also are a partner of Microsoft, Oracle, Symentec, Veem and VMware to provide you more flexiblility of sofware implementation.

Maintenance Agreement

We provide service for maintenance agrement in system and sofware support to help our customer having the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our customer can have a good technical consult and quick solving problem.

Nextech provides the maintenance agreement both 5×9 and 7×24 for customer selection.

Per Call Support

One time charge for occasionally support to any customer.

Solution Consulting Service

All of our customer will get the best solution with reasonable cost.


AIX Introduction Course

AIX Administration Course

Korn Shell Programming Sourse

Project Management

We belive that all implementation project are important. Our project manager will closely take care and control timeline to make sure we deliver service on time.


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